VAT Free Offer Days and T&Cs

How do VAT FREE special offer days work?

'VAT Free' offers mean the total amount payable is the pre-VAT total of your order. To comply with the law we must still charge and show VAT. Even though we display the VAT on your order the total amount you pay is the pre-VAT total.

       For example:

       - If you order an item costing £100 (ex VAT) the total you would normally pay is £120.00 (inc VAT).

       - When we are running a 'VAT Free' promotion, we discount the price of the £100 item to £80.00 (ex VAT).

       - Therefore, when we add the VAT, the total you pay is £96.00.


Terms & Conditions:

Please note the following T&Cs apply during the special offer days:

- Any special order items are excluded (apart from coined keys).

- All other offers are excluded

- Any previously agreed discounts cannot be applied during the offer days

- Orders will only be processed on Fri 25th & Mon 28th November 2022

- If any stocked items go out of stock during the special offer days, the items will be put on a back order and we will honour the discounted price.

- The Black Friday special offer days begin at 8am and expire at midnight on Friday 25th November and Monday 28th November 2022.

4 ways to order on special offer days:

1. Email the office:

2. Phone the office: 01376 501860

3. Contact your local Area Sales Manager

4. Order online:

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